Stephen Doyle

Filmmaker, Los Angeles



Documentary, unscripted, non-fiction reel.



MAK Awareness Film


Rebounding from a tragic loss, Rose has made herself a catalyst for change and is saving the lives of countless kids. Created by Jonathan Knox, Jerry Wittwer & Stephen Doyle. Grand Prize winner in the Storytelling Parade film contest.

Credits: Co-Director, Camera, Finishing Editor



The Umbra Institute - Perugia, Italy


Located in the hill town of Perugia Italy, the Umbra Institute provides students with an authentic study abroad experience. Through student stories we learn about the comprehensive and culturally rich programs offered in this unique location.

Credits: Story Development & All Production / Post Production



The Dixie Giants


A small group of musicians is bringing dixieland jazz to the California wine country hoping to crack a smile or two and sharing their love for music along the way. Credits: Story Development & All Production / Post Production



Chef's Insight


Chef's Insight is a behind the scenes look at chef's and their kitchens. Created by photographer Bob Hodson this is one piece in a series of collaborations between Bob and I sharing the story of executive chef Bernard Guillas.

Credits: Camera & Editing